Who We Are

Herbspk.com – Imran Usman Enterprises are leading Importer and Exporter of Natural and Organic Products consisting of Natural Herbs,Medicinal Plants,Spices,Seeds and Dried Fruits. We have commanding position on about number of Natural herbs and associated products. We are unwaveringly commited to supply freshest,purest and convenient products with eco-friendly packaging to valuable customers around the globe. Our Prime motto is to provide utmost satisfaction to our valuable clients through

our quality products and prompt services.

About Us

Imran Usman Enterprises is a trading organization Whose principle business is Import and Export of Medicinal Herbs,Spices and Dried Fruits. We are one of the leading names in Pakistan in the field of agro-herbal Exports. Since its inception, Company has built a reputation for itself as a reliable and trusted supplier of high-quality herbal product as some of our major customers will attest to. The most prominent reason behind our overwhelming success is our strong commitment and attitude towards the food and consumer safety. We have an extensive experience in procurement,storage and shipping of spices and herbal products. With Our high experience,ability to source rare products,loyalty and dedicated customer services, we have been recognized by our buyers as best suppliers. We have well-established network because of our fair and transparent dealings. Our network allows us to connect with fellow growers and our customers to improve the ways we grow and sell products all over the world. We can export goods to any major port of country and we ship to nearly every major location of the World. We also import Spices Like Black Pepper, Big Cardamom, Cloves, Nutmeg etc and Herbs Like Gum Karaya, Gum Arabic, Castoreum, Lavender, Ambergris, Red Coral etc.