Gum Karaya

Gum Karaya


Product Description

Gum karaya, also known as Sterculia gum is the exudate obtained from species of Sterculia;

Gum karaya exhibits strong swelling capacity; one gram can absorb 50 times his weight of water, giving a viscous colloidal dispersion. When hydrated in water, speed of hydration and final viscosity depends on mesh size of the gum. Stability of   water dispersions is good in acidic medium but weak in high pH medium (> pH 8) due to de acetylation of the molecule.

Most of the applications of gum karaya are for pharmaceutical specialities.
Meanwhile some “niches” are still found for specific purposes in food formulations;
Gum karaya is used as stabiliser, often in association with other natural gums having emulsifying properties (acacia gum), to produce stable acidic liquid emulsions (flavour emulsions for soft drinks, sauces and dressing)
Pharmaceutical specialities using gum karaya for adhesive and film forming properties are colostomy rings and dental adhesives.
Swelling capacity of gum karaya in granules explains the application for formulations of bulk laxatives as active ingredient.

We supply different grades of Gum Karaya:

  • Big Lumps
  • Small Pieces
  • Powder Form


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