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Gum Olibanum – Frankincense is an incense resin that exudes from various trees of Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia. It is light yellow gold in color and is available in pea size, sieved between 6mm to 8mm sifting, granules, random tear cuts, blocks, sugar size blocks and lumps. It is termed as Frankincense, boswellia. The species of boswellia are caterii, serrata depending on the origin it belongs to.
The primary use of Olibanum is as Incense; in local terms called ‘Loban’. The other major use is in making extract and oils out of frankincense. Other uses include making smoke effects, in orthodox diocese, in rituals such as burning in church, making incense sticks. Black olibanum is also available.
Powder: Gum Olibanum is ground in pure sifted powder while black gum olibanum powder is also available which is made out of black olibanum tears.
Olibanum Extraction: The oils and resin derived from steam distillation of gum olibanum are used in perfume making especially in oriental, spice and men’s fragrances and in textile industry as thickening agent for the dye & indirect color printing on cotton fabrics, and also in paints especially in the preparations of varnishes and distempers etc.
Medicinal Use: Boswellic acids, the essence of olibanum are effective anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agents, very good for respiration, eases breathing and is therefore useful for Asthama sufferers.


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