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Antioxidant properties.
Shilajit not being an antioxidant itself mimics the most powerful antioxidants. Incredibly on one hand it promotes cellular respiration which would normally lead to oxidation, on the other hand, it inhibits damage from oxidation. This is a unique and powerful antiaging property.

Antibacterial properties.
On the contact, the substance destroys common pathogenic microbe strains. This includes staphylococci, streptococci, coliform bacteria, enterococci, Proteus.

Alcohol withdrawal.
Sometimes Shilajit with other herbs may be effective in reducing alcohol withdrawal anxiety.

Anabolic benefits.
Mineral pitch is a natural alternative to anabolic substances. Healthy and naturally it increases strength and muscle mass while promoting the corporations well and fast.

Blood sugar control and diabetes.
In vivo the Shilajit-based formulation showed to effectively repair and regenerate tissue of a pancreas. It also maintained healthy levels of blood glucose and lipid profile.

Immune benefits.
Genuine and high quality Resin is a potent and nonspecific stimulator off the immune system.

Cognition enhancing benefits.
It promotes learning, memory and cerebral activity.

Inhibition of painkiller tolerance development.
While taking Shilajit a body may not develop a tolerance to pain killers. This means that it could be an effective way to counter addiction to painkillers.

Sedation and pain control.
Shilajit could be used complementary for sedation and pain control in certain situations.

Anti-toxic and anti-radiation.
Moomiyo/Shilajit can be used to detoxify the body/liver and to counter side effects of x-ray radiation.

Shilajit stabilizes mast cells over time and can have anti-allergic properties.

Moomiyo is a potent anti-inflammatory agent which naturally reduces inflammation. It was traditionally used to address wound healing, tissue damage and multiple inflammatory conditions.

Energy production.
Mineral Pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit, Moomiyo, Salajeet, etc.) activates mitochondrial respiration on a cellular level and contributes to the long-lasting energy without being a stimulant.

Tissue regeneration. (Bones, skin, organs, muscles)
There are extensive studies on mineral pitch use (Moomiyo) use for regeneration of broken bones. Shilajit was traditionally used to regenerate damaged tissue in a body. Tradition was confirmed by Soviet doctors in the 60s 70s and 80s, who routinely used Moomiyo to accelerate healing of broken bones.

Mental and physical performance enhancer.
Genuine mineral pitch resin substantially improves performance on mental and physical levels



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