Dried Licorice Root Sticks


Product Description


Liquorice long sticks are also graded based on thickness and width criteria and on the basis of yellow color on the inside of these licorice longsticks. Longsticks are available as semi-selected and one by one premium hand selected sticks. liquorice long sticks go upto cm in length liquorice roots is greatly appreciated for its good glycyrrhizic acid content  and is in the form of long sticks with upto 30 cm and the width ranges from 0.5 cm to 2 cm. The yellow tips of these long sticks are an indication of their premium quality and special selection process. Long sticks vary in length from 7 inches to 9’ and more. Again the diameter of these licorice sticks can be selected and segregated based on thin i.e., small, medium i.e. thicker grade and large i.e., wide upto 2.5 cm in length.


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